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Partners with the Department of Probation & Childcare to fund the education of children in need in Sri Lanka.



NENA DIRIYA – Education aid programme

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Department of Probation & Child Care services has been established under the Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affaires with the initial objective of ensuring rights of children including offenders and all children in the island. Thus the department stands for making policies related to child rights and child development in national level, providing technical and consultancy support to provincial probation child care services and implementing child rights convention and strengthening legal reforms from grassroots level to upwards.

Consequently, In order to ensure the education rights of children in Sri Lanka which is cited on the child rights convention, several programmes under the account of Education aids are implemented by the Department and facilitate children to complete education being in the school environment.

Nena Diriya is the newly designed programme to address the decrease the school drop out rate and increase the rate of schooling of children in Sri Lanka. The Survey on “Identifying most vulnerable children in Sri Lanka-2011” which was conducted by the Department of Probation & Child Care Services explores that there are 37,345 children who are at the risk of completing education and they are in need of education aids. According to the survey result, Identified obstacles to the child continuing their education include extreme financial hardship and lack of parent or guidance etc.

While implementing separate programmes for the aforesaid reasons, to address obstacle of financial hardship, The Department integrates scholarship assistance through sponsorship programs and social worker support. The social workers or else corporate contributors are invited to take hand with us to assist students by giving financial support or the support those are mentioned below. The program also puts pressure on the school to be accountable and encourages social change through the social workers’ strategic partnerships with community organizations and school committees in order to protect and strength the education rights of the child in Sri Lanka and increase the number of children who complete the education.


  • Protect the rights of children’s education in Sri Lanka which is in the children’s charter
  • Provide Education Aids to the children who are in need of education aid
  • Minimize children’s in act against the law
  • Improve child’s privilege and dignity
  • Increase the skilled labour force
  • Assist child to be a potential citizen
  • lend a hand with low income community by assisting their children’s education

Criteria for Selecting Children for the programme

  • Child of Sri Lankan Citizan
  • Age between 6 and 18 years
  • He/She should be on interesting in studying
  • He/She should be in a low income family

How you could be a partner of this great social responsibility

  • Buy a year/years worth of school supplies for a student, including books/Bags, shoes etc ….
  • Give a Child an allowance of Rs. 2,000.00 per month during his/her entire or …………school year
  • Cover all costs for a year or numbers of years of schooling for one scholarship recipient
  • Cover all expenses for a child to obtain at least primary education or secondary education

If you are willing to be together with us, please contact the Department of Probation and Child Care Services via:

Tel: 011 3082483
E-mail: pcc@sltnet.lk
Web: www.probation.gov.lk


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